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Advertise with Entertainment®

Advertise Your Business with Entertainment® for Immediate Results!

More New Customers. Zero Risk.

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Why Partner with Entertainment?

Free Marketing - No Risk - No Contract

You’ve worked hard to build your business and we can help you grow it by bringing you new customers, with zero risk.

Whether your business has a single location or thousands, Entertainment offers easy-to-launch advertising programs with fast results, connecting your business with our over 14 million customers who have strong buying power.

We even offer completely free advertising programs where you never pay us.

join over 35,000 merchants in US and Canada who are getting more new customers by advertising their restaurant, retail store, service, or attraction on North America’s Largest Independent Merchant Network.

Free Marketing

Connect to a New Crowd

Entertainment® helps you connect with your customers and brings in new business. We provide an easy, risk-free solution to bring in new customers through mobile or online.


If you partner with us, your doors open, your phone rings and your website gets more visitors. 83% of our Members choose to visit a business because they have an Entertainment® coupon. 70% return without one*.


Over 50,000 businesses trust us to help increase their customer base and deliver results.

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Advertise for Free on Entertainment Promotions! More New Customers. Zero Risk. You Never Pay Us.

Oh...and no contract. Cancel anytime. 

The Entertainment Promotions advertising program is one of the three powerful advertising options we’ve created to grow your restaurant, attraction, service, or retail store, and is perfect for both chains and local independents.

What’s unique is that Entertainment Promotions connects your business with our 14 million consumers who have strong purchasing power, and it’s completely free advertising, you never pay us.

This means you’ll get more new customers with no advertising fee and you can cancel at any time, therefore there’s zero risk!

Join 35,000 merchants in US and Canada who are growing their business with more new customers from advertising their business on North America’s Largest Independent Merchant Network.

Your Business Will Gain Unbeatable Advertising Exposure

Casual Meeting
Access to 500,000 Members
in the U.S. & Canada
Tourists and business travelers will see your offer on our highly-rated mobile app.

Attract New Customers Starting Today!

Local Entertainment Merchant Testimonials

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"We're excited to attract tourists  and business travelers with this nationwide app."
El Chango Loco

1909 Pleasanton Road
San Antonio, TX 78221

(210) 437-1254

Business Hours

Mon - Sun: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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