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Fundraise with the Entertainment® Coupon Membership

Meet Your Goals While Supporters Save & Businesses Thrive

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Why use the Entertainment® Coupon Membership for your Fundraiser?

Sell Nationwide - Completely Digital -

Get $10 for Every Membership Sold!

  • The Entertainment® Coupon Membership is a well-known and trusted way to save money. It has been around for over 60 years, and people recognize it as a valuable option for individuals, businesses, and fundraisers.

  • You can save money both in your local area and when you're traveling by using the Entertainment® mobile app. This app makes it easy to access savings wherever you are.

  • No matter when you run your fundraiser, Entertainment® Coupon Memberships never go out of season. Plus, with our special fundraising price of $25, your supporters will be grateful for the additional value.

  • Managing your fundraiser is simple with our Raisy™ platform. It's an online tool that lets you oversee your fundraiser anytime, day or night. You can see reports that track how well your sales are going.

  • Your fundraiser also comes with access to Raisy™, which is an easy-to-use online tool that allows sellers to share the fundraiser with people all over the US and Canada, including their friends and family.

  • If you need help, our Fundraising Consultants are ready to provide expert support with professionalism.

  • We provide fundraising ideas to help your group succeed and exceed its fundraising goals.

  • The Entertainment® Coupon Membership offers savings in various categories like dining, attractions, travel, shopping, and more. Your supporters will likely save more money than the cost of the membership after using it just a few times.

We're already partnering with schools
in San Antonio and Surrounding Areas. 

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Get $10 Back for Every Membership Sold!
Let Brenda Anz help you meet your fundraiser goals!

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Socially Responsible Fundraiser

It's a WIN - WIN - WIN!

The Entertainment® Coupon Membership is a socially responsible fundraiser that gives you the ability to meet your fundraising goals while supporting your community

    • WIN: Earn the money your group needs to accomplish your goals. 

    • WIN: For a special fundraising price, give your supporters a way to save on things they do every day with an app that pays for itself with as little as one coupon. 

    • WIN: Your supporters save money while businesses grow their customer base. 

    • GOAL: An easy fundraiser that’s a WIN-WIN-WIN for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and non-profit organizations.

    • WIN: Your group receives the funds it needs. 

    • WIN: Your supporters save money. 

    • WIN: Local store owners grow their businesses.

Charity Volunteers
Kids Playing Soccer

Easy Fundraising,
All Year Long

Add The Entertainment® Membership to Your Fundraising Playbook

The Entertainment Promotions advertising program is one of the three powerful advertising options we’ve created to grow your restaurant, attraction, service, or retail store, and is perfect for both chains and local independents.

What’s unique is that Entertainment Promotions connects your business with our 14 million consumers who have strong purchasing power, and it’s completely free advertising, you never pay us.

This means you’ll get more new customers with no advertising fee and you can cancel at any time, therefore there’s zero risk!

Join 35,000 merchants in US and Canada who are growing their business with more new customers from advertising their business on North America’s Largest Independent Merchant Network.

How to Apply

Interested in organizing a fundraiser for your school or nonprofit?

Complete the form and my team will reach out to schedule your consultation.  

You will need the following items to complete the form:


Your Organization's Logo

Upload a .jpg or .png

version of your logo. 


Mission Statement

Provide the mission statement/purpose of your fundraiser. 


Upload 5-10 quality photos.

Easy Fundraising, All Year Long

Unlock Incredible Savings with the Entertainment Digital Membership App! 

Digital Savings Membership®

Savings Are With You Wherever You Go!

Enjoy access to over 500,000 2-for-1 and up-to-50% off discounts for one full year with the Entertainment® Digital Membership! Simply print online or show your phone to save at restaurants, family attractions, on travel, and more! 

  • Select from 1,000s of coupons near you and nationwide, with coverage in over 10,000 cities across the U.S. and Canada!

  • The Entertainment® Travel Planner offers savings at hotels worldwide, plus deals on car rentals, airfare, cruises, and attractions.

  • The Mobile App sends alerts to your phone for coupons near you!

Go Mobile and Save!®


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