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Brenda Anz Nominated for the LATINA Style Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Nominee of the 25th Anniversary of Latina Style a National Magazine for Hispanic Women

Brenda Anz owner of Women Unlimited and Saving Our Way was nominated by CEO of Southside First, Gabriela Cadena. Southside First wanted to formally acknowledge all the work Brenda has done for the community and all the effort she's put into her business and helping others.

"I want to thank the CEO of Southside First, Gabriela Cadena, for nominating my business Savingourway LLC to the LATINA Style Entrepreneur of the Year for San Antonio. Only 11 entrepreneurs were selected and I am so honored to be one of the nominees. I will say I love my job, owning my own business and having fun doing it as I grow into a bigger entity. As I continue to help our San Antonio community I also love meeting and connecting with other wonderful and amazing entrepreneurs.

As a nominee for the award, our business name will be mentioned in the Press Release about the event, and LATINA Style Magazine will publish post coverage about the event..

Again, thank you Southside First for all that you do for our Southside community and businesses. You truly are the heart of the Southside!" - Brenda Anz

What is LATINA Style?

LATINA Style Inc., the premier company addressing the needs of professional Latinas in the United States, celebrates the 25th anniversary of the LATINA Style Business Series conference. Launched in 1998 with the assistance of the U.S. Small Business Administration, the award-winning conference focuses on creating a solid business foundation that allows Latinas to start their own businesses or take them to the next level. LATINA Style will begin the 25th anniversary tour in San Antonio on April 6. The conference will be hosted by the Alamo Colleges District.

The LATINA Style Business Series is a free conference for entrepreneurs to attend and includes a networking breakfast, impactful workshops and panel sessions covering topics such as minding your mindset, leveraging your network and resources, and much more. The event includes an exhibitor market with resources from local organizations and small vendor businesses. This will be held from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and is open to anyone to attend.

A key component of the event is also the LATINA Style Business Series awards luncheon, where LATINA Style will highlight and recognize a Latina Entrepreneur of the Year for San Antonio. Nominees for the award were submitted by partner organizations and include:

• Bernadette Rendon Peña, founder of Miella Media • Brenda Anz, CEO of Saving Our Way • Christina Jovanna Olivarez, founder of Christina SBG LLC and Hustle + Socialize LLC • Denise Rodriguez-Hernandez, owner of The Eatery Culinary Group and M-Pressed LLC • Dr. Erika Gonzalez, CEO and president of South Texas Allergy & Asthma Medical Professionals • Martha Livingston, president of San Antonio Counseling and Behavioral Center • Evonne Gonzales, CEO of the Lotus Effect LLC • Hope Andrade, co-founder/partner of GO RIO San Antonio River Cruises and Andrade-Van de Putte & Associates • Marisel Ballard, owner of Trustworthy House Cleaning Services LLC • Melissa Aguillon, owner of Aguillon Creative • Roxanne Ramirez, principal, board member, previous CEO of CNF Technologies Corp.

To read more about the conference, click here:

Photos from the event below:

Nominees of Latina Style 2023

Brenda, Owner of Saving Our Way with Christina, Founder of Hustle + Socialize

Entrepreneur, Brenda Anz and Comedian Michelle Cantu

Entrepreneur, Brenda Anz with Erika Propser

Entrepreneur, Brenda Anz with Bernadette Rendon Peña, founder of Miella Media

Entrepreneur Brenda Anz with Pann Contreras of Medina Insurance Agency

Entrepreneur, Brenda Anz with Evonne Gonzales, CEO of the Lotus Effect LLC

Brenda Anz Owner of Saving Our Way and Women Unlimited!


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