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Empowering Connection: WUSA Edition Special Episode

Brace Yourselves for a Special Episode!

Flyer for Facebook Live Show, Empowering Connections: WUSA Edition Special Episode
I'm thrilled to announce that EMPOWERING CONNECTIONS is presenting our FIRST EVER SPECIAL MEN’S SHOW! Featuring these awesome guests:
  • Ryan Holland - Evolve Medical Group

  • Josh Mantooth - Nutritionist, Center of Advanced Wellness

  • Chino Pilar Rodriguez - Host, Puro Pedo Podcast

  • S David Ramirez - Marketing Strategist

Join us as we dive into inspiring conversations and make some noise to show these men the power of empowerment and upliftment! Who's excited? Get ready for this Thursday!

You can tune in on Facebook Live in the Women Unlimited! Group:

View some of our previous episodes below!


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