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GenX Magazine: Spring 2022

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

GenX Magazine is San Antonio's newest lifestyle magazine featuring those who inspire, lead, and make San Antonio better because of their contributions. Mari González is featured on the cover. Mari is a business executive, radio station manager, singer, and nonprofit founder and shares her passion and purpose.

Also featured in this issue is GenX 99.1 FM radio station and the shows on this latino music station including, Que Paso San Antonio, San Antonio Life Stuff Show, The Alpha Point of View, Saving Our Way Hot Topics, and Melodijo Claudia.

Others included in this edition of GenX Magazine feature powerful women and leaders of the community such as:

  • Judge Stephanie Boyd, Bexar County Criminal Judge and columns

  • Lucy Adame-Clark, County Clerk for Bexar County

  • Attorney Yvette Salinas

We are proud to have these women in our local community and our Women Unlimited group to share their fruitful stories and inspire others.

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