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WUSA Sponsorship Opportunity & Appreciating 2023 WUSA Sponsors

Contribution To The Local Women Entrepreneur Community

*Click the picture above to go to the WUSA Sponsorship Page, watch the sponsors videos, scroll through their pictures, and click their logo to see their services*

Sponsorship Opportunity

Women Unlimited! would like to give every member of our community the opportunity to sponsor an item at our events. This would be a time to showcase your business, your product, or item you would like to give out. When you sponsor a giveaway you will be included in our marketing. We will add your logo to our flyer and give you 1-5 minutes of talk time during our event to promote yourself and tell us about the item you're sponsoring. There are several ways to contribute by being a sponsor. You can provide a giveaway, venue space, or your business services. More info will be below.
  • Giveaways

  • Venue

  • Business Services

If you are interested for any future Women Unlimited! events please reach out to

Check out the different opportunities available:

2023 Sponsors

We appreciate all those who have sponsored in the past! We would like to thank them once again for all that they have done and provided to the group. Below are some videos of sponsors from 2023. Make sure to check them out!

Check out past sponsors here:


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