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Brenda Anz, founder of Women Unlimited has partnered up with other entrepreneurs within the Women Unlimited group to create informative content for the community. Below you can check out all the different collaborations the Women Unlimited beauties have to offer! WUSA has partnered with organizations like Saving Our Way, Bexar County, Southtown Pizzeria, Workforce Solutions Alamo, CPS Energy2Business, Digital Vida, Awakening Gardens, & more!



How To Save Using Coupon

Brenda Anz co-hosts with Jennifer King on their Podcast "Saving Our Way Hot Topics" going over current hot deals and different ways to maximize your savings using manufacture and digital coupons! You can find us on Apple Podcast, Soundcloud, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube, and Facebook! In their first episode of 2023 SOW Hot Topics Podcast show Brenda Anz & Jennifer King talk about their upcoming coupon classes and future plans, giveaways at their coupon classes, express news coupon inserts, & touching on future topics. Watch their latest episode here:

Watch all of our episodes here:

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Entrepreneurial Resources

WUSA has partnered with Bexar County CLerk, Lucy Adame-Clark. Lucy Adame-Clark is also a Board Member of Women Unlimited San Antonio! She has been a motivational speakers for various WUSA events and will be providing her Records on the Run van at future WUSA events. Records on the Run will be at the Women Unlimited Conference at Nerio Plaza on Saturday, July 22nd. 

RSVP for the upcoming WUSA Conference that will provide workshops, keynote speakers, giveaways, networking, & more!:


Business Resources

Women Unlimited and Workforce Solutions Alamo have come together to offer small businesses various resources. Workforce Solutions Alamo provides virtual training, child care, resume and interview help, finding a job, disability programs, etc. Workforce Solutions Alamo will be at the WUSA Conference at Nerio Plaza July 22nd talking about their various resources and programs.

RSVP for the upcoming WUSA Conference that will provide workshops, keynote speakers, giveaways, networking, & more!:



Energy Savings

Women Unlimited has partnered with CPS Energy2Business to offer much need energy saving resources to entrepreneurs! E2B is here to support them and strengthen their bottom line. Looking for energy-saving solutions to lower your bill?  Want an onsite visit to talk about energy use, rates, or rebates? See a list of rebates at STEP RebatesOur E2B team also recognizes small/medium customers who are saving energy by using our rebates and incentives. Be on the lookout for our Energy Efficiency Champion decals!



Yoga and Wellness

Who’s ready to start self care?! Where you, your body, & soul come first! Join my group "Women Unlimited!" where we have our Yoga teacher for the group, Stacie Orsagh, offer a New Version of Transformational Tuesday starting in February! 2023 is the year of us Women taking care of us first laying our foundation to do wonderful things for our body, souls, and by doing this daily keeps us strong for our amazing everyday life. Hope to see you there!

Watch Our Live from March:

Watch our Live from April:

Watch our Live from May about Transition:



Informational Business Law Videos

Brenda Anz goes live with Attorney Yvette Salinas! Each video has a different theme related to business law. Topics that are discussed in the playlist are business contracts, business building and social media, DBA, LLC, Partnership agreements, Deeds, Probate, Wills, Medical power of attorney, Financial power of attorney, and Advanced directive. If you wish to contact attorney Yvette Salinas directly regarding legal matters, you can contact her office at 210-415-4917, or via her website

You can also watch videos within the women unlimited! group. Watch Women Unlimited creator Brenda Anz and Attorney Yvette Salinas discuss LLC’s and why they’re important!:

Here is a youtube playlist of our videos, watch by clicking the link:

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